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Europe’s largest brothel went bankrupt due to COVID-19

The largest brothel in Europe, Pascha, which is located in Cologne, went bankrupt due to the coronavirus. This is reported by the local newspaper Express.

“This is unthinkable, but on Tuesday I filed for bankruptcy in the local court,” admitted the Manager of the brothel, Armin Lobscheid. He explained that the brothel spent all its funds during the time when the government banned sex services against the background of the epidemic.

Labaid stressed that could have avoided bankruptcy if he had a warranty on the resumption of work in the coming year. At the same time, the Manager noted that, despite the prohibitions, prostitutes still continue to work, but underground and do not pay taxes for it.

Pascha has 11 floors, which employ more than 120 prostitutes, as well as other staff, including cooks and massage therapists.

In July, it was reported that German prostitutes wanted to return to work and went to a rally. About 400 sex workers and brothel managers from all over the country took part in the demonstration.