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The company of the world’s richest man was accused of total surveillance of employees

Amazon, owned by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has developed a system of total control and spies on employees, according to a study by the human rights organization “Open markets Institute” (Open Markets Institute).

During the coronavirus pandemic, the retailer introduced a system that uses artificial intelligence to track employee movements. Video surveillance is designed to prevent theft, and also controls the time spent on a break. The company has patented a wristband that can track where warehouse workers put their hands and use vibration to direct them in the right direction.

In addition, the report says that drivers must deliver 999 packages out of 1000 on time, otherwise they will face dismissal. The company is accused of driving too fast and causing more accidents. Amazon also requires workers to leave all their personal belongings at the entrance to the warehouse, except for a water bottle and a clear plastic bag with money. At the end of the working day, employees are checked for 25-60 minutes for theft.

The report claims that Amazon is also trying to prevent attempts to unionize and crack down on any gatherings of too many people, ensuring that possible Union leaders don’t talk to the same group of people for too long.

Amazon employees are under constant stress and under threat of being fired, the report notes. If an employee falls behind the required task completion speed, which is automatically set by Amazon, the system makes a “reprimand”, which can lead to a warning or dismissal. The speed is constantly changing.

Amazon Flex secretly tracks private groups on social networks that Amazon employees use to discuss their work conditions, Vice writes.

In July, the largest companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google) were criticized during a hearing before the antitrust Committee of the us Congress for their dominant position, which negatively affects competition.