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In Europe, they found the culprits of the slow recovery of the economy

Europe’s recovery from the effects of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in oil prices has stalled. According to Bloomberg, the culprits could be Spain and Italy and a reduction in their GDP. According to the IHS Markit index, which is an indicator of economic health, output rose only in manufacturing […]

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US national debt will exceed the size of the economy

The US national debt may exceed the size of the economy next year, for the first time since world war II. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal with reference to the report of the congressional Budget office. According to the Agency’s estimates, the national debt will be equal to 100 percent of the […]

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Chubais urged to tighten the law on harmful emissions

Anatoly Chubais, the head of RUSNANO Corporation, criticized the draft law on regulating carbon emissions, which has been under development for several years. In his opinion, the current project is completely “toothless” and it needs to be tightened. Chubais believes that the document, which is now available, can be thrown in the trash, reports RBC. […]

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The former wife of the world’s richest man became the world’s richest woman

Ex-wife of the founder of Amazon, the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) Mackenzie Scott became the wealthiest woman on the planet. This follows from the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Mackenzie Scott’s fortune reached $ 68 billion, which gave her the 12th place in the ranking of the world’s rich. She overtook the granddaughter […]