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Apple and the US stock market collapsed

In the US, the stock market experienced the strongest fall since the beginning of June. At the same time, one of the engines of its growth, Apple, whose value this summer exceeded two trillion dollars, collapsed by 8 percent, which means a loss of almost 180 billion dollars, according to trading data.

The collapse was the largest for the day in the history of the American market. Apple set the previous record with Microsoft in March — minus 150 billion, and before that, the largest — minus 119 billion dollars — were Facebook’s losses in June 2018.
The main us stock indexes lost the most in the last three months. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.79 percent, the S&P 500 fell 3.52 percent, and the NASDAQ fell 4.96 percent.

The leaders of this movement were, in addition to Apple, other IT giants-Google (minus 5 percent), Microsoft (minus 6.19 percent), Facebook (minus 3.76 percent) and Amazon (minus 4.63 percent). Along with them, the carmaker Tesla, whose shares have soared six times since the beginning of the year, fell by 9 percent, making the company’s chief Executive, Elon Musk, the third richest person on the planet.

There was no apparent reason for such a collapse, but experts warned that the rapid growth of the stock market since the pandemic, due to the influx of non-professional investors, could not continue continuously. The panic may have been triggered by a slow improvement in the us economy.

The “bubble” in the market was inflated by the too rapid growth of technology companies. In four months, the capitalization of Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia has doubled to $ 8.4 trillion, and Zoom Video has twice surpassed Gazprom in value. Since the beginning of the year, the NASDAQ has updated the historical maximum 43 times, and the S&P 500-22 times.